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Books in Print about the Edmund Fitzgerald

Mighty Fitz
by Michael Schumacher
In this new Fitzgerald book, Schumacher recreates the ship's final voyage as well as discussing the many controversies surrounding the cause. He discusses what many previous authors leave out - the disputes among the families, historians, and others that exploited the shipwreck, while keeping in mind the 29 men who died throughout the brilliantly written story. Very respectful, very informative, very interesting, and very well written. It even includes information about the back-story of how S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online came to be a website!

29 Missing
by Andrew Kantar

One of the shortest books about the Edmund Fitzgerald, but one of the most unique in the eyes of many. Containing maps and photos, this 50 page book is in a reasonable price range and shares tons of info in a minimal amount of pages.

The Night The Fitz Went Down
by Hugh E. Bishop, Captain Dudley Paquette

A 192 page paperback book about the ship, and one of the most recent books about the Fitz's sinking. This book is coauthored by a captain who was on Lake Superior the night the Fitz went down, and he shares personal memories of that night, and what he theorizes took place. It is very biographical about Captain Paquette, so some may find this book off-subject, but it does provide an in depth look of what sailors were going through the night the Edmund Fitzgerald sank.

The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald
by Frederick Stonehouse

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald takes readers through the several theories involving the wreck, and the continuing investigation which took place after the ship sank. Frederick Stonehouse has made this addition to the family of Fitz books a sure-fire hit for Edmund Fitzgerald enthusiasts. Although it contains little narrative, it is a wonderful source of research, and provides "just the facts," leaving little room for error or misinterpretation. Click here to read an interview conducted by Timothy McCall with him.

Gales of November
by Robert J. Hemming

This book, based on theory itself, explores theories of the sinking, and gives background information that almost no other book offers. It shares moments that were suspected to have happened on the ship before it sank, and shares information about some of the crew members, both biographical, and also speculative. Though the book is partially fiction, it is very informative, and worth the price to buy it. While it is a wonderful book, some family members have responded that some information about individual crew members in the book contains errors and mistakes; it is recommended that readers look over this book to form their own opinion.

Fitzgerald's Storm: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
by Joseph MacInnis

Written by a man who explored the wreck site of the ship itself, Joseph MacInnis explores theories of the sinking, the history of the ship, and tells about his 1994 expedition of the Edmund Fitzgerald in this 144 page book. MacInnis also produced a television documentary about the ship, and was instrumental in research and other expeditions to the Edmund Fitzgerald.






















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